You Mixed: Pearty-Thyme

Scared to make anything more complicated than a vodka soda or simply pouring a glass of wine? We hear you. Follow along with us as we share our recipes and bartending hacks so that you, like us, can look like a pro. Fake it ‘til you make it….here we go!

Pear-ty Thyme- The Magic of the Herb

Pear-ty thyme was crafted by the superb Maxime Briere who tends bar at Extra Fancy, which won People’s Choice Award at this year’s Tales of the Cocktail Bar Fight. Think Super Bowl of mixologists.

Lets get started…


Pick any type of pear that is soft to the touch. Take the skin off. Why you ask? The skin is tough and really doesn’t lend flavor. Now grab the thyme and take the leaves off. (Pro Tip: grab the sprig at the top with two fingers and move your finger down. You should be going against the leaves. Voila!) Open your bottle of Be Mixed Cucumber-Mint and measure out 1.5 oz of vodka. Now that is what we call easy ingredient prep!

The Magic of the Herb

Now that you have all of your ingredients you might be wondering: thyme in a cocktail? Yes! Any fresh herb can brighten up your cocktail. Just like in cooking fresh herbs make everything tastier. The difference is that you can’t just add a whole leaf into a cocktail and expect to taste it. This is where one of our must have bar tools comes in: The Muddler. In order to really infuse the bright flavors from the herbs you need basically “beat” herbs to release the oils. While, yes, you could use a back of a spoon or any other heavy object, a muddler is best. A muddler is also perfect for extracting flavor from fruit. (Pro Tip: add a bit of liquid – you can use a touch of Be Mixed – to the base of the shaker or glass before you muddle. Big difference, huh?)
Now that you know how to add the vibrant taste of herbs we are ready to make the cocktail.

Cocktail Time
Now add the pear and the thyme to the cocktail shaker and muddle it until you can smell it. Believe us you will know when it’s done. Next pour in the Be Mixed and the vodka. Chill time! Add some ice. (Pro Tip: always add you ingredients first than the ice so that the shaker doesn’t over flow.) Just pour your drink and enjoy.

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Pear-ty Thyme
1 Pear
3 Sprigs thyme
1 Bottle of Be Mixed cucumber-mint
1.5 oz vodka (or soda water)

1) Remove skin from pear and cut into pieces and place in to cocktail shaker
2) Place thyme sprigs in to the cocktail shaker and crush with a large spoon
3) Add Be Mixed cucumber mint
4) Pour in the vodka
5) Add ice and shake well
6) Fill a tall glass with crushed ice, strain the shaker into the glass

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