Welcome to our Cocktail Party!

Like sleeping and eating, drinking alcohol has become a regular part of peoples’ lives for as long as we can read back to. To be more exact, research has shown that fermented beverages existed as early as 10,000 BC.

cavemen drinking

The way that alcohol became ingrained in the life we’re so familiar with stems from various aspects; cultural, religious, geographical and sociological. How we’ve naturally thought about alcohol throughout the years has a direct relationship to events throughout history.

In the 1920’s, America faced prohibition, the U.S Constitution’s ban on the manufacture, transportation and sale of intoxicating liquors.

This lasted thirteen years. Thirteen years. Thirteen years without legally being able to consume alcohol. Imagine life without a drink to celebrate with, wind down with, pump up to. Don in Mad Men without his bourbon at Sterling Cooper, James Bond without his martini, Carrie Bradshaw without her cosmopolitan at Tao, Olivia Pope without her red wine, the list goes on.

james bond martini

Prohibition is long gone, but the effect it played on how we view alcohol will forever be present, even though we may be too young to realize it. What we also may not realize is the level of sophistication pre-prohibition cocktails portrayed. When prohibition ended, people were drinking to fill their long-denied craving. What made the drink special, no longer played as significant a role.

Fast forward to today. The country has fully recovered, more or less, and alcoholic beverages have gradually gone from being just an accessory of day-to-day life to becoming the main attraction. Mixology, creative cocktail-ing, tastings are ubiquitous. Some think we’ve gone too far and crave simplicity, while others keep pushing the boundaries of ingredients, processes, and vessels. No matter your preference, it’s an innovative and exciting time for the alcohol industry.

That’s where we enter the picture. Not only is the alcohol industry a fast moving and constantly changing one, but the focus on health and wellness has dramatically increased in recent years. We can argue whether we have Alice Waters, Soul Cycle, or the rising economy to thank, but the outcome is undeniable. A balanced lifestyle is a new normal, and enjoying cocktails should be part of that equation. Our cocktail mixer is meant to not only be one of convenience, but also one that allows you to avoid compromising between taste and loads of sugar so that you can focus on toasting to life’s most happy, relaxed, and spontaneous moments.