The Margarita Jello Shot by Suzanne Lehrer and Elana Karp at Plated

Holiday season has arrived and with it…prime margarita season. Few things are more festive on a cool evening (or mid-afternoon…) than an ice-cold margarita on the rocks.

As a couple of people who can’t seem to stay out of the kitchen, we decided to experiment with an edible version, in the form of one of our favorite throwback party tricks: the Jello shot. The result? Probably the most adorable Jello shot we’ve ever seen, complete with a “rim” of homemade chili lime salt. While it might take a little more energy than you’re used to a summer afternoon to scoop out those limes, we trust you’ll find good use for the lime pulp in your next cocktail. And the fruits of your labor (literally) will be well worth it.


Lime Slice Margarita Jello Shots with Chili Lime Salt

10 limes (the larger, the better)
3 packets granulated gelatin (sugar free!)
1 cup tequila
1/4 cup water
2 bottles Be Mixed margarita mix
1/8 teaspoon chili powder
¼ teaspoon salt

Zest 2 limes, then halve all. Using a small sharp knife, cut around the edges of the flesh at an angle and remove as much as possible, then scrape out any remaining flesh using a fork or a small spoon. Discard all the flesh. Place cut-side up on a baking sheet.

Soften gelatin by soaking in cold water for few minutes.

In a small pot, bring water and Be Mixed to a boil over high heat. As soon as it’s boiling, pour over Jello in a heatproof bowl and stir until fully dissolved, about 2 minutes. Stir in tequila.

Carefully pour the mixture into the lime halves, filling all the way. Carefully transfer to the fridge and chill until set, 2-3 hours or overnight.

While the mixture chills, in a small bowl, stir together salt, lime zest, and chili powder.

When Jello has set, using the sharpest knife you have, carefully cut each lime into 2 wedges. Dip lightly into chili lime salt. Enjoy! (We won’t judge if it’s with a margarita.)