Stylish Party Tips from Tatiana Hambro, Deputy Retail Editor at Vogue

B: What are your favorite party accessories?
T: Lipstick, always lipstick. And maybe perfume.

B: What are your summer fashion must-haves?
T: A pair of ornate flat sandals by Guiseppe Zanotti and a nourishing body oil. I like Diptyque dry oil for day but at night use Coconut oil.

B: What makes the best hostess gift?
T: I think perishable goods are the chicest thing to bring, it’s indulgent and all the guests can enjoy them together which creates a special atmosphere. Often I’ll bring fine cheese (I usually go for pecorino with truffle) or wine, delicious chocolate (William Curly has amazing salted caramel) or special nuts. I’ve just come back from a trip to Puglia where I stocked up on olive oil and these almonds covered in caramel to give as gifts.

If you’d rather bring something other than food or drink, I think a beautiful candle is always appreciated. My current favourite brand is this French boutique Ex Nihilio. The packaging is gift enough! If it’s winter or you’re going somewhere cold, a cashmere blanket or throw is another option.

B: What are your favourite dancing shoes?
T: At the moment I’m into go-go boots. But I wore a pair a size too small not long ago and have lost feeling in my big toe ever since.

B: What are your party clutch essentials?
T: Lipstick — concealer on a bad day — gum, house keys, cards and some emergency cash.

B: What’s your favourite party drink?
T: It changes depending on where I am but in London a martini or a shot of tequila normally does it.