Planning a Party with James Hirschfeld, Founder of Paperless Post

B: Who is at your dream dinner table?

J: Alfred Hitchcock
Grace Kelly
John Lennon
Maria Callas
Woody Allen
My sister and brother

B: What party do you wish you had been at?

J: The Coronation of Louis XIV

B: What is the most outrageous party you have ever been to?

J: Burning Man!

B: How do you put together a great guestlist?

J: Invite a mix of people you know and love and then throw in a handful fun randos.

B: What’s the best question to get a conversation going?

J: Have we met before?

B: What’s the best costume party you’ve thrown?

J: A “Winter Olympics” themed warehouse party in Brooklyn

B: What’s your technique for bowing out of a boring conversation gracefully?

J: Refilling