Do Shirley Temples and Virgin Daiquris bring you back to the glory days of your youth? Us too. But, as we’ve all gotten older (and matured?) those sugar-laden drinks just aren’t worth the calories. Even if they are just as tantalizingly delicious. As kids, those colorful, sweet drinks were a treat that made a night feel particularly special. Whether you’re cutting out alcohol for Dry January, trying to drink a little less, or you don’t drink at all—yout’re joining the growing ranks of people opting for the adult version of these childhood favorites.


Ignorance is bliss, as they say, and unfortunately we are no longer ignorant to the copious amounts of sugar or calories in our favorite virgin cocktails (Daiquiri and Pina Colada, I’m talking to you). No one needs to drink half of their suggested daily calorie intake in one drink, no matter how much it reminds you of napping in your mother’s arms on that beach in Mexico, slathered up in Banana Boat, feeling like quite the lil’ adult. It’s time we reinvent mocktails that taste good and make us feel good. So yes, that means these are made with clean, healthy and inventive ingredients. As the Master Mixologists at the Connaught Bar believe, the best cocktails serve up perfectly balanced flavors – whether they are free from or full of alcohol is secondary.


Eastside Japanese Style

We are proud to be Cocktail Courier’s pick for their first foray into a mocktail kit! Earning this honor is our mixolist extraorinaire’s Maxime’s take on the cocktail classic: Eastside.


-5 oz Be Mixed Cucumber Mint
-1 oz Yuzu (Japanese Lime) Juice
-8 Mint leaves plus 1 Mint sprig for garnish
-1 oz Fever-Tree Naturall Light Tonic Water
-1 oz Fever-Tree Club Soda


1) Chill Collins Glass by placing in fridge/freezer or by filling with ice water (optional step).
2) Place the mint leaves into your shaker and muddle just until you release the aromatics of the mint
3) Add Be Mixed and yuzu juice into the shaker
4) Fill shaker with ice and give shaker 10 quick and vigorous shakes.
5) Add tonic water and club soda to the shaker and swirl shaker to combine all ingredients*
6) Strain mixture into ice-filled tall glass
7) Garnish with a mint sprig and Enjoy!


*NB: This is Max’s brills take on the Sonic, a clever way to cut down on sugar while retaining the awesome bitter punch of tonic water. If you are free from sugar – like we try to be – then sub our the tonic water for a few drops of your favorite bitter. This does add a hit of alcohol so leave it out if you’re free from alcohol.


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